Our Story

Years ago, a close friend and colleague said that in order to address global health pandemics, “we need the support of people who act. Discussion alone is not enough.” We both found that North America was full of experts who wanted to talk but not actually make profound changes. It became apparent to us that there are many people doing very well out of the status quo and will generally protect it, regardless of the truth.

We created a company that would offer real hope and positive change for people living in sub-Saharan Africa. After learning, listening and making a lot of mistakes, we eventually discovered that our vision and methods of empowering people were just as powerful and meaningful as the wonderful products we created.

We are a company that Africans can be proud of. A company that is locally owned, operated which creates jobs for African farmers while addressing some of Africa's biggest diseases and illnesses."

We wholeheartedly welcome you to our family! Whether you are one of a customer, farmer, distributor, partner or just a friendly neighbor, we look forward to working together to have positive, sustainable impact on as many lives as possible.


Our Journey

After years of research on the relationship between disease and the environment, it became clear to us that finding natural and affordable solutions to addressing malnutrition and disease was essential in developing countries. So we decided to do something about it.

We created a company that takes some of the world’s most nutritious foods and manufacture affordable food supplements for the general population – and offer a great income opportunity at the same time. By doing so, we create jobs in manufacturing and agriculture/farming.

"Doctor's Choice empowers local economies and creates sustainable independence among the African people."

So many people in Africa have become reliant on AID from foreign countries which inadvertently creates dependency and disempowerment. Africans are ready to support Africa and are beginning to understand the richness of their land and their agricultural power. By taking control of the land and the products we grow, we can learn to take care of our own and rely less and less on foreign AID.