Nextep. A remote leadership support community.

The Nextep Group is launching a fully pro-bono support community for remote work.
Companies affected by the COVID-19 crisis can get free, on-demand access to more than 150 experts from leading companies such as Shopify, Deel, and Prezi.

We are the first to offer tailored, on-demand support for the full spectrum of remote working needs. If we do not have an expert on board who can answer your question, we will find one. 

An estimated one-third of the global workforce is on COVID-19 related lockdown. Hundreds of millions of workers have been thrust into remote work, forcing companies to adapt to a new reality overnight. New processes and pivots need to be established quickly and executed effectively.

This crisis requires companies to make agile decisions, operating more like startups. For organizations that rely on bureaucratic procedures and hierarchies, the need to change overnight can be stressful and overwhelming. Without the right support, change can cause extreme uncertainty and considerable loss of productivity and efficiency.

Change is stressful in the best of times, but in the midst of a health crisis, the impact is amplified. Managers need resources to help their teams stay mentally healthy and strong throughout these trying times. 
Remote work has the potential to help companies rise to the challenges presented by COVID-19. If done well, remote work can also reduce the negative effects on workers and the global economy.

In response, the Nextep Group offers hand-selected management and executive-level contributors with expertise across a wide range of issues including HR, technology, legal, operations, leadership, and mental health.
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Written by Matteo Grassi