Nextep. A remote leadership support community.

Matteo Grassi

The Nextep Group is launching a fully pro-bono support community for remote work. Companies affected by the COVID-19 crisis can get free, on-demand access to more than 150 experts from leading companies such as Shopify, Deel, and Prezi. We are the first to offer tailored, on-demand support for the full spectrum of remote working needs. If we do not have an expert on board who can answer your question, we will find one.  An estimated one-third of the global workforce is on COVID-19 related lockdown. Hundreds of millions of workers have been thrust into remote work, forcing companies to adapt...

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Top Tips For Working From Home

Stephan Dohrn

Making the most out of remote working with your spouse and kids at home during Covid19 This is a special situation. It is much more challenging than moving into a home office arrangement in normal times. Besides the challenges in adapting to remote work, we are in a situation full of uncertainty. A situation that carries real risks for the health and safety of you and the people around you. When fear and anxiety dominate us, we cannot be productive. In survival mode, we do not come up with original ideas, and it also reduces our natural immune response. So, my...

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